Thank you for valuing and taking the time to look over our newsletter. We understand that with information overload these days, we  all have to be very selective in what we read.

  These past two months have been very full with services and meetings. When there are gaps in our calendar, we like to serve with one of the area churches. In March, we volunteered at Mill City Church in Neenah, WI. They have outgrown their church home and God has miraculously provided another location. It was an opportunity to get to know some of the members as we assisted in some construction projects.

  At the beginning of April, Beth helped members of Pathways church family serve dinner at the Homeless Connection and to also create thank you gifts for our police men and women in the Fox Valley area.  At the end of April, Beth and I attended the Wisconsin, Northern Michigan Pastors Summitt in Oshkosh.

It was fun and rewarding to meet up with so many of our good friends along with meeting new ones. Our display was an attraction for great conversations about our work in Moldova. Please pray for our timely return!

Moldova Contrast

  1. *Moldovan’s estimate miles per gallon as how many liters does it take to go 100 kilometers distance.

  2. *There is a Russian version of the 3 Stooges. Вицин, Никулин, Моргунов. If you go to YouTube, you can find them by searching: “Vicin Nikulin Morgunov” As I understand, these would be broadcast around the Christmas season.

  3. *Speed bumps, when translated, are known as sleeping policemen.

  4. *If you are deemed a trouble maker by police, they have been known to poke a pin through the eyes of your driver license photo.  This way, if you are detained in the future, that policeman will know.

  5. *You will not see rummage sales in Moldova. The closest thing is people selling their items on blankets on the sidewalk in a couple different designated areas.

Mill City Church in Neenah, Wisconsin has moved to a new location. There was lots of preparations to convert the old Digiprint building into the new church. It was an opportunity for us to continue to serve while away from Moldova.

Beth prepped some walls for painting and helped serve lunches.  I worked on floor installation and decorative paneling using shipping pallets.

Pastor Steve Spence and his church family  have been such a blessing to us, just as our other church families have faithfully been over our years of serving in Moldova and during our itinerations.

    April 23-25th was Wisconsin Northern Michigan District Summit. It is the ideal place to meet with several pastors in such a short time.  In reality, there isn’t enough time to have in depth meetings with each person we would like to visit.  For those whom we missed, sorry!  We hope to see you soon.

Praise & Prayer

*Praise God I didn’t loose itineration data computer info as a defective cable was the culprit! (reminder to back-up more frequently)

  1. *Pray for the rummage sale to go well in all ways -  enough help, financially, timing, donations, etc.

  2. *Pray for some of our Freedom Home girls that they would make good decisions for the long run instead of immediate gratification.

Rummage Sale!

Our home church, Journey, in Kenosha has been faithfully supporting us in encouragement, prayer and financially from day one.  They have kindly accepted again to allow us to host a rummage sale on June 2 & 3rd.

Sales helped us go and return  to Moldova our past two itinerations and we look forward to gathering with our brothers and sisters to have our third sale. We could always use volunteers for various jobs on June 2 and 3 and the week prior to the sale as we accept, sort and price donations. We appreciate your prayerful consideration in helping!

We will begin gathering donated items:

Saturday, May 27 -  before and after 6:00 pm church service

Sunday, May 28 before, between and after service on;  Monday, May 29 - 6:00 - 8:00 pm

Tuesday and Wednesday, 30 and 31 - 9:00 a - 8:00  p

Thursday,  June 1 - 9:00 a - noon.

Please text or call us if you would you like to help sort, price the week before or with several other areas of need the day of the sale, June 2 and 3. 

    Don: 309-660-7834          Beth: 309-660-7835

If you have items to donate that need to be moved before the end of the month, contact us. We are working on possible earlier dates in the month that you can drop off donations.